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Burgundy Consulting, established in 1995, is a database development and support consulting concern.

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About Us

Catering for all your database needs..

Burgundy Consulting develops database systems for the Small and Medium Enterprise. This involves, getting to know your business, enhancing productivity and automating mundane tasks, and includes all Database functions in your Company.

Burgundy Consulting provides a full range of Database Services, including Design, Implementation, Support, Report writing and General DBA support. Projects range from Custom Access applications for the Small and Medium Business to Large relational Databases with MS.SQL and .NET Front-Ends. With experience in Invoice and Wage Systems, Insurance, Client Satisfaction Programs, Indexing Systems, Labour Broking, Personnel Consulting, HR, Insurance and many other fields, Burgundy can successfully tend to all your needs.

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Burgundy understands the need to have reliable reporting based on your data. As such we have produced many KPI dashboards and automated reporting solutions for our range of clients.


Database consulting has always been a core task of our development projects. Burgundy's programmers can develop business solutions adapted to your needs. Think of us as database problem-solvers: we can plan, deploy, fix, convert, migrate or maintain your database. Our comprehensivedatabase consulting services will help you make the right choice from the start. Burgundy Consulting's team has audited, developed, upgraded database applications for the motoring, labour broker, manufacturing, and transport industry among others, and this numerous times since 1994. Over the years, Burgundy's consultant team has spearheaded numerous productivity improvement for small businesses. More recently, Burgundy's consultant team has simplified and improved on numerous existing databases by developing SQL database back-ends and Web-based interfaces accessible across heterogeneous platforms and locations.

MS Excel

Often, managers or other power users develop applications in Excel. Excel is a great tool for taking data and analyzing it, manipulating it and prototyping how an application might behave. At some point in the process, Excel spreadsheets become too unwieldy to manage. This is the point at which MS Access can be used to help you scale to the next level. Access can do almost everything that Excel can do, provided that the Excel calculations and analysis are well defined and stable. Excel is better when you need a blank sheet of paper each time, or when data requirements are still in a state of flux. Access applications can be written that codify and document the process that was designed and created in Excel. Burgundy Consulting consultants have a great deal of experience converting such spreadsheets to Access applications.


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